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The youth of Pakistan has the potential to make our country a better place if given the right mentorship and direction. At KNCT it’s our mission to invest our time and resources into ideas that can make a difference. KNCT Incubation Program is an initiative to help ideas grow and flourish with right mentorship from industrial and professional experts as mentorship is the core value of our mission.

KNCT incubation program is designed over three stages namely, Stand-Up, Start-Up and Scale-Up Hyperdrives and each run over a span of 6 months. Each Hyperdrive is designed on a professional curriculum of 16 weeks to provide all the required knowledge, skills, tool and techniques. Once they have knowledge in hand another 8 weeks of time is given to implement and mold your idea on the frame works provided to you. After 6 months, successful teams are graduated and offered next stage of Hyperdrive. 

No idea is a bad idea, but every idea needs the right direction, mentorship, resources and innovative approach to become a successful startup or business. The Stand-Up Hyperdrive is the first module to apply to. Anyone who has a good idea and want to pursue it, can apply. Stand-up Hyperdrive help you to take the first leap to entrepreneurship and give you all skills of Leadership, Team building, Ideation, Design thinking, Digital Skills, tools and techniques to build a start-up. If you have an idea and waiting for the right moment to take it to people, come join us in our Stand-Up Hyperdrive and take a leap to an impactful and successful business that you are dreaming off.


The Awesome Foundation is a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time. Each fully autonomous chapter supports awesome projects through micro-grants, usually given out monthly. These micro-grants, $1000 or the local equivalent, come out of pockets of the chapter’s “trustees” and are given on a no-strings-attached basis to people and groups working on awesome projects.
Awesome Pakistan is one of the chapters of The Awesome Foundation global community. Have an awesome idea that needs funding? Then submit your idea on a wide range of areas including arts, technology, community development and more. Awesome Foundation Pakistan Chapter will award 100,000/- PKR grant to one of the awesome ideas. Finalists will present their awesome ideas in the Live Pitch. The judge panel will select 1 awesome idea that will be awarded the grant. Stay tuned for the next Awesome Pakistan Grant event. No idea is a bad idea! We are open to funding any type of idea as long as:
Stay tuned for the next Awesome Pakistan Grant event. No idea is a bad idea! We are open to funding any type of idea as long as:
  • It has impact
  • It is possible
  • It is local
Join the trustees and the awesome applicants in the evening of networking, ideas sharing and celebration of an Awesome idea winner.


Skills for Digital Pakistan is an initiative of KNCT and its digital academy ‘Pakistan Institute of Digital Skills, to educate our communities with the digital skills that can contribute towards revolutionizing Pakistan Digitally. The program is launched to support and contribute towards the PM vision of Digital Pakistan.

The program focuses on five strategic pillars of Digital Pakistan, namely, Digital Skilling & Literacy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Access & Connectivity, Digital Infrastructure and the e-government. These five key domains will help and contribute towards digital revolution and hence we can achieve the digital ecosystem.

The program includes a series of events, workshops and courses that help you understand and learn the key Digital Skills. First event of this program ‘Digital Baithak’ took place in March 2020. The event included some talks and a panel discussion focusing on the role of the private sector and its contribution in Digital Pakistan and towards the ecosystem.

KNCT has taken another step in this program by launching ‘Skills for Digital Pakistan’ bootcamp. It’s a 3-week long course with 3-sessions per week on all the mandatory skills. This Bootcamp is for everyone whether you are a student, a professional or anyone who wants to enhance their Digital Skills and want to grow professionally. It offers hands-on knowledge of digital skills, management tools, profile building, personal branding and soft skills. Each and every aspect of the course is designed in the easiest way for better understanding and the professional instructors will up skill you through practical activities.


The KNCT fellowship program focuses on students to utilize their free time to learn and enhance their skills. The aim is to bridge the gap between the education system and the skills required to compete in the modern world. The program is designed by seasoned mentors and expert counselors for the youth of Pakistan. The program helps the individuals to explore and identify their potentials and yet can guide them in the right direction of their professions.

KNCT fellows are given opportunity to share their ideas. Our program is designed to help them understand the start-up culture and give them right exposure to shape their ideas. They learn the process of innovation and how it can help them to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. They are guided and mentored by our resources persons to completely equip themselves with the socio-economic dynamics of our country.
The goal of the program is to build on the strengths of the character and aspires individual talents, aiming to provide focused and in-depth training in a sub-specialty. The depth and extent of training provided in a specific area of expertise such as marketing, development, branding varies on the previous knowledge and experience. A graduate of a fellowship program has a thorough grounding in the skills required to compete in the modern world as well as requisite knowledge to innovate & transform positive change in the society.

Every year through an application process, KNCT selects a group of students to be KNCT fellows. We choose fellows based on achievement, community work, and strengths of character, willingness to innovate and learn new skills. The fellows attend a comprehensive training, where they meet and exchange ideas and connect with the community of like-minded people.
The fellowship program is not limited to specific students. Any student with a strong interest in innovation, digital skills, community building and entrepreneurship will be considered. If you believe in what it takes to initiate positive change in society, you are at the right place, the fellowship program is for you. Here are the requirments:
  • Enrolled in graduate or post graduate programs
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Basic computer literacy